GmBaAp tile/map editor

GmBaAp is free software licensed under GNU GPL. It is developed with GTK+ 2 on GNU/Linux. It was originally done to create level maps for Game Boy Advance, but can finally be used for any target, since it includes a programmable code generator using Python scripts.

November 12, 2003
    GmBaAp 0.1.1 cocoon release. Supported features :
    • 16-colors mode (largely used in GBA games).
    • tiles and maps of any sizes, and any number of layers.
    • tile's horizontal and vertical flips.
    • bounds and codes can be defined in maps.
    • programmable code generator using Python scripts.
    • multiple languages (for the moment only english and french are available).

Project page on Sourceforge

- Screenshots -

Xfce-b5 theme
Default GTK+ 2 theme
Visual Boy Advance running a demo using our map Logo

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